Flightplans out of sync?

The flight plans listed in my flights are different if I sign in using Navigraph and that of Simbrief!, Nearly everytime The MCDU thinks I am using an old FPlan. The EFB is similar. ;The Nav maps said there is no active flight plan! I have tried removing and reinstalling but things are still not right.
Best wishes Jim

Hello James! Welcome to the forum.

We are going to need more details.

First, the Simbrief flightplans are not the same as the Navigraph Charts flightplans, so any integration that is supposed to fetch Simbrief flightplans will not get them from Navigraph Charts.

Second, which MCDU are you referencing? Please describe your whole flow.

Do you mean that Navigraph Charts is showing no active flight plan? Have you loaded a flightplan?

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Thank you for your reply Malte,
I complete the simbrief flight plans download and then use Simbrief downloader but the FBW A20N will select a FP two or 3 flights old. (I do select Simbrief) If I use the AOC menu Init data req. I often get the wrong FP. . On opening MSFS the first thing I do is Load the saved flight plan and don’t change any of the MSFS flight plan. Changing logging on with the alternative Simbrief or Nav. The My flights page has the same format but not the same flight plans. it might work once. Today I created a new FP and opened Nav moving maps so attempted to synchronise them but it said No Flight active . I tried the simbrief click box but no joy… If you can help I would be very grateful it has been very frustrating.

I did not realise that Simbrief F.P. were independent from nav. Not signing out has helped. The MCDU loads the simbrief FP with the Options, AOC Init/press Init data req. That has worked for 3 flights OK. The Nav charts Flights ,Active Flight says - No flight Active The Simbrief shows old FP so have to go to new flight and get FP from file. Is that right? Thanks for you help. Jim

I am still not 100% sure what the question is to be honest. I think I am reading two different contexts:

  1. Loading Simbrief flightplans into the FBW MCDU
  2. Loading Simbrief flightplans into Navigraph Charts

When it comes to the first, it should get the latest flight plan as long as you have generated a new flightplan by pressing “Generate OFP” in the planning screen on Simbrief.

When it comes to Navigraph, you have to first enter your username in the settings.


When that is done, you should be able to load the latest flightplan from the “Flights” menu by pressing these buttons and then selecting the “From simbrief” option.

Does this answer the question? If not, please describe one issue at the time as clearly as possible and I’ll do my best to help you!

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Thank you Malte, I appreciate your help and sorry that my question was vague.
Your main answer was where to get the flight plan from. It would be better if we only had one option to sign in as both have identical FP formats and that led to my confusion. If I signed on to Nav or Simbrief I got different FP. so your comments solved that one. The second issue I have reinstalled Nav and it seems to be resolved. If I opened Nav charts and clicked Flights it said the active flight was one I did 4 or 5 flights earlier! Clicking on New Flight and selecting sim brief brought the old F.plan not the one I was flying on.
So it looks like all is well so thanks for y our help. Jim

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Glad you got it got sorted and happy to help!

Simbrief and Navigraph flightplans might look the same when it comes to the route, but Simbrief has a lot more information such as fuel calculations, winds aloft, formatted OFPs etc., whic Navigraph does not have. We will most likely never synchronize the two since they serve different purposes.

That said, we do appreciate the feedback and we are hoping to make the integration with Simbrief more seemless in the future!

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