No charts on webbrowser


I’m using to look for my charts on my iPad, however there aren’t any being displayed. When I select my airport, the box where all my charts should be displayed is empty.


Not able to reproduce this in Safari on iOS:

Please restart your device and try again.

Also, there is a native iPad app which you can download from the App Store.



Restarting my device didn’t help, perhaps the website doesn’t work with an iPad?
And I can’t download the app because I’m not on iOS 10…

I guess the issue is you older device/Safari version.

Can you try another browser like Chrome or Firefox?



Can’t download Chrome nor Firefox, since I’m not on a new iOS.

I tried other web browsers like Snowbunny and Dolphin, but I have the same issue as with Safari.

Did it work recently on this device or never?

First time I’ve ever tried it…

Then I’m afraid this device is simply too old. Our apps need a modern web browser to run.