No back course available

Hello, with the standard Asobo database I can fly the back course of any localizer at the end of a runway without any problem, with Navigraph database I can’t catch the back course frequency of a localizer, I can only perform a regular ILS approach from the front.
Is that intended? In the real life the back course is only intended for VORs or also for the localizers?
Thank you.


With the AIRAC Cycle 2110 rev.1 there’s still no back course available in the localizers.

Hi Valentino,
sorry, overread your posting … Can you give us an example please, because the backcourse flags are set in the data … in the stock data, all ILSs has set this flag to true, I guess - but that´s not correct.


Hello, if I understood well, the problem is in the stock data that is setting all the ILS back course to true, while that’s not the correct behavior since the ILS has a back course available only if that’s described in the approach charts?

Correct yes - ILSs don´t have automatically a back course, but in the MSFS stock data, all ILS have such BC which has nothing todo with real-aviation.


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