Many ILS localizers are unusable


I noticed that an ILS approach is more or less a hit and miss issue in MSFS. In somewhat like 50% of all cases, I am not able to perform an AP assisted precision landing with ILS. Usually, the localizer is way off (meaning, I would land somewhere in nature instead of the runway) or the AP fails to captured the localizer at all.

Lately, this has happened at the following airports:

  • UMMS Minsk (payware)
  • Riga (freeware)
  • Stockholm (stock)
  • Göteborg (payware)

On the other hand, there are airports where everything works and I can perform flawless ILS based landings.

I usually fly the TBM930 or the CRJ, all drivers are up to date. Navigraph data is up to date. ILS frequencies are tuned correctly.

On my in-flight Navigraph map, the runways, appraches, localizers appear in the correct position. If I just hand-fly to follow the route on the chart, it gets me to my destination airport without problems. It is just the ILS that does not work in so many cases.

My question: are these frequent ILS issues a problem of MSFS or are there interaction problems between Navigraph and MSFS, or is it the fault of scenery designers? Or am I simply missing some essential element of ILS landings?

Any comments that shed some light on this would be highly appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

which ILS has you used in ESSA(stock data) to verify your issue. We have improved the ILS courses worldwide because the stock courses are in many cases off, as you described.

But that should not the case when you use our data. And yes, it could be a 3rd party scenery issue also, but again let me check a stock airport first.

ESSA - which runway, which ILS please

Thank you

Thanks for the quick reply!

I‘ll check - will try all available ILS at ESSA - and report back.
That might take a while, given the fact that I first need to install WU6 :slight_smile:

are you now able to give us the details, which ILS approach for ESSA you have used?
Thank you,

Hi Richard,

I just flew all ESSA precision Approaches (all 6 of them) in the TBM and I can report they all work perfectly!

So my issue last week was either a problem with the CRJ, or ESSA was simply not one of the faulty approaches during my little tour (from Latvia via Finnland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark back to Germany). As reported, the ILS of some of the airports on my route did not work - but evidently ESSA was not one of them!

Sorry for this mix-up.

But a question remains: why do some ILS not work? It now looks like I can narrow the problem down to 3rd party airports (both pay- and freeware). Who is responsible for the coding of ILS locations, courses etc.: the 3rd party developer, MS/Asobo or Navigraph? What data has preference, if there is conflicting data?

All the best,

Hi Hans,
when you use a 3rd party scenery and the scenery designer includes the ILS information, it´s the scenery developer - otherwiser when no ILS information is included in the 3rd party scenery, the sim “normaly” uses the navdata (stock or our data) - depending on the hierarchy of the sceneries, but in most cases.

Hope that helps & thanks for the feedback

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