Biar ils01 (ila)

Hello Navigraph Team and other readers

I’m new here, subscribed for MSFS navdata/charts after being directed here by some friends hand i have to say that i’m very happy with what i’ve seen so far.

Was doing a little Iceland trip and was wondering if you could check BIAR ILS01 (IAL).

On the charts, the localizer heading is 010. The default in MSFS has a localizer heading of 008 which seems incorrect and leads to a bad alignement when following the ILS inside the sim (the plane ends up being several meters to the right). I was hoping that maybe Navigraph navdata would fix this but unfortunately it seems that the Navigraph navdata has also the value set at 008 for that ILS.

If i use LittleNavMap i can see that the database ‘little_navmap_navigraph.sqlite’ contains the correct value of 010 for the ILS localizer heading, but unfortunately the navigraph navdata BGL used by the sim (0501\NAX43800.bgl) contains 008 just like the default BGL (0501\NAX43080.bgl).

Can this be fixed ? Or is it just one of those MSFS limitations that we have to live with ? The fact that the course does not seem correct in the navigraph BGL but correct in the navigraph sqlite file gives me some hope that maybe it can be fixed :grinning:

the pic below shows the chart with the pink indicator on the navigraph chart clearly being a bit too much on the right and the autopilot automatically setting the CRS to 008 instead of 010 that i expected. By the time i get close to the runway i’m way too far on the right.

i think the correct path to the ILS should be as seen in the pic below (as you see much more to the left, probably just the difference between the incorrect 008 value and 010). I just followed the path given by the GTN750Xi programmed approach which i assume is correct because it uses a real world database and not the one of MSFS. This also perfectly matches with the navigraph chart (the ils is a bit offset but that’s normal as indicated on the chart).

So is there maybe a little inconsistency in the data provided by the navigraph BGL ? Is it normal that the BGL has a different value that what is seen on the chart or in the navigraph database used by little nav map ?

Sorry if this is is just ‘obvious stuff’ but i couldn’t find any info about it. The idea of posting this is to know if it’s worth reporting such things in the future because it can be fixed or not because they are just sim-issues that can not be fixed by navigraph.

For info, I had the exact same issue at LIMJ and, for that one, the navigraph navdata fixed the issue by having the correct heading in the BGL (286 instead of 284 givent by default MSFS) and that completely fixed the issue with the approach so i’m hoping that other airports can be fixed too just by having your product installed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this (a bit too long probably) ! :beers:

thank you very much for the detailed report - better more than less, so it´s not too long … it´s perfect!
We are currently working on revision 2 which I will release in the next hours, latest tomorrow … I will look deeper into it because normally the mag-course (offset or straight) should be the same according the charts.

But the ILS courses are a long story in MSFS and I can remember that there is (or possible was) an issue with the courses. Let me check it please and I will come back here with an answer …

Thanks again & grüzzi

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I have released revision 2 now. From this version on, we calculate the offset-courses by our own to avoid such reported issues. Both examples (BIAR and LIMJ are now more correct).

“more correct” means, that the sim rounds the values … ie. BIAR has exact 10.7 degrees, which will be rounded in the sim to 11 but that happens exactly on straight in approaches, where you don´t have an offset too.

Hope this helps and thank you for your input - have a nice weekend

Thank you very much for the quick reply and update, i’ll for sure test all this later this weekend.

Have a nice weekend too !

** edit : tested and working fine, very nice, thank you :+1: **

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