ESSA 19L ILS wrong course

I fly the A320 Fly by wire mod with Navigraph latest AIRAC installed in MSFS. I don’t know if this is an issue in the navdata or the FBW-mod, but anyway:

The problem:
The ILS for 19L at ESSA has the wrong course. Your charts say 184 degrees, but when I punch in the ILS in the MCDU it automatically gives me 190 degrees.

Hi Bjorn,
thanks for your report. I have checked the ILS 19L now and in the released files we have exactly 184.38822937 as front-end course for the ILS. So, the ILS heading is correct so far. We don´t have 190 degrees somewhere in our data for this approach (not in the ILSs nor in any approach part). Therefore, it´s unclear for me and I can´t really answer your question, why the A320 takes 190 degrees.

Possible this is the classical ILS heading bug in the sim, but I don´t know sorry.