ILS DME only works in 180 degree front-course


I suspect this will transpire to be an issue with how the sim handles ILS DME stations but I’ve noticed that for ILS without a back-course the associated DME stops working once you’ve crossed the runway threshold (ie. it only works in the front-course 180 degree arc).

This is an issue in the UK at least because we have some airports that have an ILS only to one runway end but use the associated DME in an NDB/DME approach to the other end. Examples would include Southampton (EGHI) and Humberside (EGNJ).

Humberside even includes a DME arc based off an ILS DME which is impossible to fly in the sim:

I’ve not tested without Navigraph data installed because I gather the default sim includes a back-course for every ILS which I suspect would allow the DME to work.

Is there anything that can be down within the Navigraph data to enable the DME through the whole 360 degrees or do I need to go an petition Asobo to fix this? :sweat_smile:


Edit: It also means you cannot fly the missed approach which relies on the DME.

first of all thanks for your report and welcome here in the “world of navdata” :wink:

I´m honest - we can´t do anything for that. The DMEs are included in the dataset and are working but as you discovered, only till the runway threshold. We have reported this to ASOBO on our first days as we have analyzed the data. The trick what ASOBO use is, that they make all ILSs to backcourse ILSs too and therefore the DME is working in the stock data. But that´s not really the correct way - we only mark the ILS as backcourse ILS, when it´s really a backcourse ILS and not in general.

We can do the same, but than we are far away from the reality … sorry, this is a logical bug in sim and can only be solved by ASOBO. We can only offer the data but not how they use the data, or if they use the data correctly.

Big sorry for that … no workaround possible (excl. to set all ILSs to backcourse too)


Thanks Richard, as I suspected would be the case.
I’ll feedback to ASOBO too but I suspect it’ll be a long while (if ever) before it gets fixed!

If anyone wants to vote to get this moved up the list:


Done :+1:

Thank you

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