No AddOns available


this morning i started the FMS Data Manager, but there are no Addons anymore - I did a scan and found no AddOns - it’s also not possible to manually add …

Already did a fresh install after removing the last installation including the removal of both folders at program data/files

Best Regards …


Hi Volker,
please can you post your settings-page also?

Also, can you upload the latest log-file here please? You find it here:

Thank you very much,

PS: what OS do you use?

Settings page:

20210629-093059.log (10.4 KB)#

OS is Windows 10 21H1 19043.1081

Hi Volker,
for some reasons (antivirus, firewall, …) the FDM can´t download the data index file. You see this on your settings page under “INDEX” which is empty but should look like:

Have anything changed on your system? Firewall, Antivirus, …


no - did not change anything, the only thing I remember, my provider changed something at DSL connecting because of security middle of month … will try something

got it working after switching my internet connection from DSL to mobile LTE at my Fritz!Box - looks like a SSL or encryption issue with my internet provider

Thanks Volker for the update …

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