Downloader not finding addons

Have been using for a couple of years with no problem. Recently upgraded account. I use two computers, one for the sim, the other for Topcat and Pilot2ATC. Went to update airac and second computer says no addons detected although nothing on this machine has changed, and the addons are still there. Tried to restore backup to no avail.


If you restart FMS Data Manager now, does it work better?



Same issue when trying to update to 2201, but I didn’t update anything about computer, OS, etc. Data manager is blank and I can’t add anything. No dropdown for “please select an add-on”, can’t add a path, nothing.

I redid download and install. Even turned off virus scanner.

System is Mac on latest MacOS 12.1

Toneman - my exact symptons (you said it better)
Windows 10

restarting did not help - no change

It should be resolved now. Please restart it again. Thanks!


Working now! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Fixed. Thanks so much.

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