Navigraph MS2020 Missing APR Waypoints

I generate a flightplan in MSFS then i import the Plan via the Navigraph Ingame Panel but The Approach Waypoints are missing. Why is this?

please can you upload an example flightplan where this happen. The reason could be a limitation in the in-game flightmanagemt, which is very limited/basic.

This limitation truncates waypoints, re-order sequences, … So, when you plan a flight via the MSFS worldmap you should expect/consider this. This is since day one.

See here, where we explained it:


Hey, its with all Flighplans with ILS or RNAV or others with Aproaches i fly. Navigraph does not recognize one Approach. You still need a Screenshot?

No please upload the flightplan. I’m pretty sure that this have norhing todo with our navdata. The same will be happened with the stock data.

But to be 100% sure, we should test such flightplan.


Not sure what you mean. You mean the Navigraph Flightplan imported from MSFS2020?
Or the MSFS Flightplan? how to export this?
How can i export a flightplan from Navigraph Ingame Panel or the Browser?

And what use is it? i have to manually create an Approach then Navigraph ask me to add this then i add this, but there a some missing waypoints from MSFS.


So we can replicate and investigate, please press space and Save the flight plan you create in MSFS World map and upload here using upload icon . Please advise which waypoints are missing, maybe with screenshots using Guide to posting Screenshots .


OK here comes the Flight plan.EDHK-EDDH ILS.FLT (11.7 KB)

here what Navigraph always forgets; the Approach:


When I load your EDHK-EDDH ILS.PLN into Navigraph Charts via Select Flight Plan I get:

This seems correct? Is this what you are expecting?


Maybe, but i dont load it from a file, i load like i said from the Ingame Panel, and it looks like in my Screenshot-

How do you go if you load it from file in Charts In-Game-Panel?
I get:


How can i do this? i always use ingame panels automatic detection. When i try to load from file i cant pick a path?

There does appear to be an issue with Select flight plan in In-Game-Panel (IGP), which we shall investigate.

In the meantime you can load using Charts Cloud. You then see and load your xep-Hamburg plan in the list of available flight plans in the IGP. You should now see this in the list of flightplans in IGP. Do not load the EDHK-EDDH (MSFS) .


yeah and theres is like i say an issue with auto detection from the IGP, it says theres a flight plan, want to load, when loaded all approaches are missing.

Hello Oliver! Thank you for the feedback!

As far as I understand it (and from what I can tell by the .pln files), you have created a flightplan that includes an approach but no arrival procedure. Due to simulator limitations, this is not supported today and will simply result in the approach not being included at all.

However, I see a way that we could experimentally enable support for such a flightplan. I shall investigate if it is feasible and if it is, the panel will be updated automatically.

Thanks for understanding!

Kind Regards,

I can confirm that the experimental fix works. This is now the result after loading your PLN file from above into the simulator at the world map screen and then selecting “Load flightplan” when prompted in the panel.

As mentioned, a new version of the panel will be published to implement these changes so keep an eye out in the Navigraph Navdata Center!

Kind Regards,

Thanks for the good and fast support!

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Hmm this is not working anymore. I have WU6 installed, also there was a new IGP Update.

I created a Flightplan with an ILS Approach. The IGP told me that there’s a new FP. I Loaded it and then this:

Different Plan, No Approach–

I am unable to reproduce this issue in my simulator. Can you send me a flightplan just to make sure?

This is the result that I get after selecting Load Flightplan in the prompt. Granted, there seems to be a missing leg between EXOBA and the initial approach fix, but this is actually down to the MSFS flight planner being… less optimal, including a super-short airway instead of DCT :sweat_smile:

Hi, Now i get an Approach too.


But the Flightplan is different. Would be nice to have the same FP as in MSFS2020

I understand! Please try the latest update (released a few seconds ago) of the panel and see if that works out better for you :slight_smile:


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