New Version FMS Data Manager not updating the FlightFactor A320Ultimate

Sorry for my bad English / Translation by Google
Windows10 / XPlane 11.55 / FlightFactor A320Ultimate
Navigraph FMS Data Manager
The new Version 2205 does not appear in FlightFactor A320Ultimate.
I completely reinstalled and activated the plane and updated the data manager. XPlane restarted.
In the A320, the setting to 2205 is not carried out.
The path is set correctly.
All other entries are ok.
Regards Wolfgang

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Hi Wolfgang,


In FMS Data Manager please make sure:

In Settings page, you have Version

Otherwise please install latest from FMS Data Manager

Further down on same page, make sure your X-Plane 11 path is correct:

In Addon Mappings page, remove entry for Flight Factor A320Ultimate, press Save, then Scan.
You should have new Flight Factor A320Ultimate entry something like:

Press Save.

In Addon LIst page select and Update Flight Factor A320Ultimate entry


Hi Jan,
Thank you for help.
I have followed the individual points of your description.
It’s everything, except version number of DataManager. In my installation it is
Is it necessary to change that? How can I do that?
Airac is still not current in the A320.
I’m considering completely deleting and reinstalling the A320 again. That seems to be quick and easy.
I hope you understand my terrible english.


I completely erased and reinstalled the A320. Also deleted in the DataManager.

Data manager disabled.

XPlane started

A320 activated. OK.

Airac was not recognized or accepted on the bus. OK.

XPlane disabled.

Data manager started. The A320 was automatically reinserted!

XPlane started. Airac was not taken on the bus. OK.

DataManager: Update for bus carried out.

Xplane deactivated and reactivated.

Airac currently on the bus !!!

I have now described this in great detail because I do not know on which occasion the current Airac was transmitted.

Regardless, it works.

Thanks again.

Regards Wolfgang.

Hi Wolfgang,

You are welcome. Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying


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