Flight Factor A320 FMS Data Not Updating

Hello all,

I recently bought the Flight Factor (FF) A320, and I’ve been trying to update its FMS data via Navagraph. I don’t know what’s happening because my Toliss aircraft are all updated. I think I did everything correctly when attempting to update FFA320:

1. In Navigraph, I conducted a scan. I saw that “FlightFactor A320Ultimate” appeared in the add-ons.

2. I clicked on that and pressed update.

3. After the update, I verified that the current cycle (2207 rev 1) showed green for FF.

I’ve done all this, yet, when I load the plane, the MCDU doesn’t show that the Airac has been updated to the 2207 rev 1 cycle; it shows the stock Airac that comes with the plane. I’ve uninstalled/re-installed the aircraft in hopes this would clear any loading errors I wasn’t aware of. After that, I attempted to update the FMS data to no avail. Did any of you experience this? Is there some mapping issue going on? What did you do to fix it?

I appreciate any help you can provide.


Hi Rick,


Please check your X-Plane 11 path in latest FMS Data Manager Settings is correctly set. If not set, and re Scan in Addon Mappings

Check your mapping for FlightFactor A320Ultimate is <XP11>\Aircraft\FlightFactor A320 ultimate.

If still a problem please post scfreenshots showing relevant paths in Settings and Addon Mappings.


Hello Ian,

So, the XP11 path in the FMS Data Manager Settings is correctly established. However, I saw something strange regarding FlightFactor A320. There are two pathways for the same file name, but the two do not contain the same content. One is pathed X-Plane 11/Aircraft/FlightFactor A320 ultimate. The other is pathed X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/FlightFactor A320 ultimate.

The one under X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/FlightFactor A320 ultimate is the one that has the actual aircraft content. The other one only has a data folder with a few files inside of it.

Do you need a screenshot of this?


Hi Rick,

Looks like you have installed into a non standard folder.

I suggest moving folder X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/FlightFactor A320 ultimate (with sub folders) to X-Plane 11/Aircraft.

Then in Addon Mappings Remove the entry pointing to X-Plane 11/Aircraft/Laminar Research/FlightFactor A320 ultimate


Before I do that, I would like to make sure. Here are two screenshots. The FMS Data Manager mapping shows X-Plane 11/Aircraft/FlightFactor A320 ultimate, and Aircrac is not updating this way.

Nevermind. I did what you said, and it worked!! Thank you so much for your assistance, sir.

Have a good one.


Hi Rick,

You are welcome. I was about to say yes.

Also the Toliss aircraft are not Laminar Research, so should be at same level as FlightFactor A320 Ultimate, but I guess if it is working you could leave them … :wink:

Happy flying


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