New User Missing approach at EGTC

I am a new user so I may have missed something, I have loaded the beta navdata 2105 rev .2 and the go to my local airfield in MSFS2020 i can load a chart into a gtn 750 (JF piper arrow and PMS50) but cannot see an approach procedure it just says none.

Is this normal or should the beta add the missing approach?

Regards Nick

Hi Nick,
first of all, welcome here in our forum and welcome at Navigraph.

I have checked, if there approaches are existing for EGTC or not and yes, all approaches are included and also selectable:

Here from the WorldMap:

and also the charts are available:

In other words, as you see we offer the data but it could be, that you do something wrong in the GTN750 or the GTN750 has a bug which doesn´t load the corresponding charts.The best in this case is, to ask in their forum/discord … as you see, the data are available, so it should be possible to load the charts in the GTN750 (when the developer had made all correct and you´re logged in correctly).

Sorry, can´t say more in this case because this is out of our scope. Let me know, when you have any other question and/or when you know the “answer”. It also good for us (and also for the community here), to learn how 3rd party issue can be solved :wink:



I am not getting this on the world map, the only option for an approach is automatic.

I have run the Navigraph NavDATA and it has loaded into my community file.

I am not running the chart program or the Navigraph FMS data program.
Am I missing something?


Regards Nick

Ah understood Nick - the reason is, that your scenery-file needs a “re-organisation” (re-sort).

Please follow exactly these steps and you should see all the approaches :wink:

Do you use an addon-scenery for EGTC? When, which one …



I removed the Navigraph data and an add-on EGTC scenery file, reinstalled the data and it is working.

The EGCT file is by JayFlySim v 1.0 and can be found on can this effect the loading?

Regards Nick

Great, thanks for the feedback Nick …
Happy flying,

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