MSFS not showing approaches

Hello, I’m new to both MSFS and Navigraph, I’m not to the Garmin G1000. I believe I have the simlink attached to MSFS correctly, and start it before I start MSFS.

If I start MSFS with an departure and arrival airport (in this case PHNL to PHMK) when I go into the G1000 FPL page to add an approach, there are no approaches available, where there should be two, the RNAV B and the VOR A.

Any suggestions?


Hi Jason,
first of all welcome hereand thanks for your question. There are two or better three reasons for that:

  1. the G1000/3000 doesn’t support approaches without specific runway assignments, means classical CTL approaches as in this case.
  2. Your scenery file is mess
  3. It’s a navdata issue, that the approaches are general missing

To #1:
Can you select these approaches in the worldmap and/or in any other none Garmin equipped aircrafts? (highly recommanded is as an example the WorkingTitle CJ4 or the FBW A320). When yes and you see and can select the approaches, you can be sure that this is a Garmin limitation in the sim, and you can be sure that #3 is also correct.

When no, the #3 is the issue because then these aproaches are missing and we must look deeper into our database to find out the reason.

When Solution 1 isn’t successfully, go to #2:
Follow exactly the step described here

It’s not dangours, critical but you should follow exactly these steps. After that try it again.

And last but not least, it could also be a navdata issue, as I wrote before. In this case, please report it back and we will look for the reason.

So, a few if-whens but whenever you have troubles, let us know please.

Have a nice sunday