EGPH No approaches


I am not sure if this is a problem with Navigraph itself or FBW A320, but there are no approach vias for EGPH (default scenery) when using Navigraph AIRAC , if I switch back to the default nav data everything is fine. Screenshot attached


two question:

  1. Please check the runways in the MSFS, if the are 06/24.

  2. Do you use any addon scenery for EGPH or the default stock scenery of the MSFS?

Thanks for your help

This is the default scenery for EGPH. I don’t have any scenery installed at all. If I uninstall Navigraph Airac (2107 rev.4) everything works fine.

Hi again,
strange, because I can’t reproduce your issue. I see and can select all approaches.

Have you still tried the scenery reorg?

Also, you are using the FBW A320 right? Have you test this this in the TBM or in Working Title CJ4 too? Which FBW version do you use?


OK. I did a quick test and seems that is FBW A320 issue as the same problem occurs for ELLX and other STARs. TBM shows everything correctly. Few screenshots attached.

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