No longer loads Navigraph data in 2013 cycle


Just reinstalled the 2013 update and now I have no FMS data, no SIDS, STARS, or Approaches appear even for large airports. E.g. CYVR just has a direct option for departures when set to IFR in the world map/planner. Weird, have uninstalled the Navigraph data and all the standard MSFS approaches are now absent also. Reinstalling the Navigraph data has no effect.
I was also

seeing some weird approaches that didn’t match real world plates for KTIW before this happened.
Any suggestions?

Hi Bernie,
thanks for the report and the screenshot. You’re using an old client. In your screenshot it’s beta 14 … but you need beta 16 to install the data correctly. Thats very important.

So, please do following:

  • close your sim
  • open the client and remove the AIRAC cycle
  • close the client and uninstall it via the windows feature
  • download the latest client version (see FAQ for the link)
  • install the new client
  • open the client and install the latest AIRAC 2013 revision 2
  • start the sim

Again, with AIRAC 2013 revision 2, the client app beta 16 is REQUIRED. When you use an older one, it doesn’t work. We had announced this also in the Release Notes.

Thanks and let me know, when it’s working or not :slight_smile:

Excellent, seems to have resolved the issue. I did a full update as well, as the roll back didn’t seem to work. However, I suspect that was it.
Would be useful if the app reminded of updates required as I thought I was on version 16. .
Can’t wait until Navigraph is fully supported in MSFS2020!

Additionally, I tested the KTIW approach ILS17, and it doesn’t look right.

Ok, procedures load but maybe there are still some issues how the G1000 loads or follows them? This is KTIW ILS17 which should be a run from SEA to the IAF of the OM, then outbound on 347 with a left procedure turn and inbound on 167. That is definitely not what the G1000 displays or directs the aircraft to follow.


While your approach route is correct, the arrival route is arbitrarily created by MSFS since, according to my Navigraph Charts app (yes, it’s the latest), there is no STAR data for RW17.

Hi …
right, because KTIW has no STARs.

Correct, but that isn’t the issue, there is an SEA transition, and that can be selected in the MSFS2020 G1000, Also lso the Navigraph data approach loads and displays perfectly in Pilot2ATC. It seems the issue it is the way the MSFS2020 G1000 is handling the approach (seems unable to handle a procedure turn accurately).

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