New problem at KSBM, CTAF frequency is the same as AWOS of airport 67 miles east

Howdy, back again with a problem at KSBM I noticed after flying in. The CTAF of 122.7 is unusable because it is overridden by the AWOS at C04 Oceana County 67 miles to the east on the other side of Lake Michigan. C04 uses a pilot-activated AWOS on the same frequency as its own CTAF of 122.7, but I assume MSFS doesn’t actually have that ability. Regardless, I have my doubts you’d be able to pick up that airport’s AWOS when in the circuit at KSBM.

the problem here is, that both signals (ASOS and UNICOM) come from the same location
(43.76976944, -87.85172222). So we have no chance to identify which frequency is for what and from where. Sorry


Is there a way to set a range for the AWOS/CTAF at C04 at all? I doubt it would be receivable 67 miles away.

No, you have only the possibility to set the location, the type and the frequency. Thats it, the pur logic behind comes from the MSFS.