CYLW Localiser coordinate error

Good morning. Newbie here so apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place.

I was working with this airport and noticed that the localiser coordinates in nav data place it well south of its true position. The nav data coordinates are very close to the Rutland (EX) NDB, so perhaps there has been a transposition.

AIRAC 2106 v2. (Xplane 11, but I also checked other formats with the same result). I’m not sure if this error resides with Jeppesen or Nav Canada.

Thanks John

Hi John,
do you have any AIP information about this or from where do you know, that the localizer antenna is not on the correct location? In September 2018 the ILS for 16 was replaced but I can´t say in which direction. So, to report this to Jeppesen, we need any official source that the location is wrong. I have nothing found, possible you have something for us …


There is nothing I could find in AIP Canada about this. I was doing geometry calculations based on that localiser location and getting errors, so cross checked. I have imagery from 2021 showing the actual location of the antenna and then located the navdata coordinates. I’ll see if I can attach those images here.

Thanks John - yes, I have also made the google maps comparison but that´s not enough for report it to Jeppesen. What we need for a qualified report is an official reference document (from the country, AIP, … or similar else). Only to say, that we “assume” that the loc-position is wrong due a google maps image isn´t enough - sorry.

But I´m with you, it looks strange, indeed … possible we find time in one of our next meetings with Jeppesen, to address this directly - but we can´t open an official ticket with this information. Sorry for that.


Thanks Richard. I’ve sent an advisory to Nav Canada directly. You’ve helped by helping me isolate the data error as likely originating at source. I see they have received my email so hopefully I’ll hear back, will let you know.


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Great John - much appreciated … thanks for your help!

Resolved. There was an error, but not where I thought. The site that listed the imagery as 2021 had erroneously used old stock. Here is a local image from July 26,2020, showing the relocation work on the localiser and old/new coordinates. The published coordinates make sense now. Google Earth image is obsolete but at least their date says so. The other site, well, I have some follow up I guess…