After upgrading AIRAC in LHTL CTAF frw differs from Jeppesen

Dear Friends,

Just installed Navdata Center for my MSFS, upgraded AIRAC. Come to flight from LHTL Tokol and MSFS ATC propose to use wrong frq for CTAF instead of one I have in Jeppesen chart (127.56)

Please advice, I was expecting that updating AIRAC will affect6 MSFS - is it wrong assumtion?

Thanks in advance

Hi Igor,
we also have 127.56 in our data for LHTL - but can you confirm, that the MSFS can handle frequencies with 8.33 kHz spacing? Because this is such a frequency and till now, we don´t export it due the limitation in the past with the MSFS.

So again, can you confirm, that the MSFS can handle such frequencies?


Hello Richard,

Yes, in G1000 config this enabled


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Ok, thank you very much - doesn´t known this …

I will add the 8.33 kHz frequencies too in the next upcoming cycle, so you should expect a frequency at LHTL with AIRAC 2212 …

Hope that helps and thank you for the hint!

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Thanks a lot !

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