KRSW Ground and Tower using same frequency

Using beta 19, both MSFS and Navigraph using 121.9 for Ground and Tower. Correct Tower Freq per the charts is 128.750.

thanks for your report but I´m not sure, what we can do here:

… and here, what you see in the sim:

Both are different and correct, according the charts. I don´t know the ATC logic behind it, in the sim but for me it looks correct so far. Or not, do I misunderstood here something?


Hi, thanks for you fast response.
When I departed KRSW both Ground and Tower were on 121.9. Let me go back there and check to assure Beta was operating correctly on my end. Will check today and report back either way.
I know MSFS had a similar problem at KDTW but Navigraph Beta took care of that.

Jim near KLAX