KSBM has a tower frequency when it should be uncontrolled

Just letting you guys know. Sheboygan Municipal is an uncontrolled field with a Unicom of 122.7 but with Navigraph installed it has a tower instead.

according the FAA - this will be handled by the Milwaukee ATC and therefore the frequencies are valid and correct.

additional to this - also the FSS frequencies seems to be correct:

… and here, what we sim shows from our database:

Possible I misunderstand you here …


Just reinstalled Navigraph to check and now the frequencies are correct! I had installed freeware scenery for that airport the day before so maybe that had something to do with it. But after reinstalling Navigraph into MSFS and with that scenery still in the folder all is right.

Sorry for the bother but thanks for checking and giving me the idea to install it again and see if that fixed it.

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Oh great, I like such solutions - they are so easy for me - no work on my side :rofl:
Just a joke, thanks for the feedback - much appreciated …

Happy flying,

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