Navigraph pop-out / mouse input causes random reaction in plane

In MSFS, flying the Aerosoft CRJ 700, while I have the Navigraph in a pop-out window on a second monitor, while clicking anywhere on the Navigraph window will cause random buttons or knobs to click in the plane. For instance, while clicking a drop down menu to choose an approach, the plane performed an alarm test, evidently it clicked the alarm test button. I only have one cursor and it’s obviously on a different monitor, why is it causing inputs on my plane? It’s definitely causing issues in flight.



Are you referring to the Charts In-Game panel or Chart Desktop or Charts Cloud? If the In-Game Panel, do you get similar behaviour with Chart Desktop or Charts Cloud?


I have a similar dilemma. When I have Charts open via MSFS on a second monitor I cannot use any periphal gear on the simulator whilst the mouse is hovering over Charts. An interesting aside is that whilst the mouse is hovering over charts the throttle will go to full acceleration without any prompting from any hardware - I havent been able to full throttle before. Charts and all my hardware works fine on P3D. I would welcome any positive input. Thanks