Ghostly Window?

If i open navigraf panel at full window, and then hide it by toolbar button, i can’t interact with any aircraft elements (knobs/switches) what are behind hidden window.


I am not seeing this.

Do you get this behaviour with General Option\Accessibility\Cockpit Interaction System\Legacy ?


Of course. Just try, open navigraph window for full size screen, close window by clicking tollbar icon, try interacting any elements.

I cant reproduce it on my machine. I have access to knobs and switches using the mouse, with Charts In-Game Panel maximised or minimised before and after pushing toolbar Charts icon.

This is with the FBW Development version and WT CJ4.


Window not minimized. Just closed by toolbar button

Same, I can use mouse on knobs and switches when I have In-Game Panel closed by toolbar option.

Not sure what to suggest, maybe interfering addon hardware or software?


For experements removed all addod keep only Navigraph Toolbar. Same result. Window overlaping all controls and after hiding (not minimising) window all controls not usable by mouse. I can write video if you wish

Please check you have the latest In-Game Panel installed. Remove/install to be sure.


Removed. Reinstalled 0.6.0. Same result

The developer and I cant reproduce it. Maybe provide a video.


So, it’s definitely problem in my installation. Ok, i will dig it. If i didnt find solution - i will write a video.

So. Problem still exist, when i logged in charts panel and see navigraph map. Updated to 0.7 not solve the problem

oh I didn’t see this thread before… I have the same Problem but it just occured for me today after the WU. I also updated the Navigraph ingamepanel today.

My problem looks like this:

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Video with issue:

P.S. Icon in toolbar is to big and not same style as all other icons
P.S.S. Chart panel cause CTD in TBM930 with WT G3000 mod installed

Hello @mixMugz and @Puuhbear !

Thank you both for raising your voices. I will try to investigate this issue in detail as soon as possible, and will try to get in touch with you if I am still not able to reproduce it.

Thank you for your patience!

Kind Regards,

you should not work that late at night :slight_smile:

the navigraph ingamepanel is the only panel where I see this behaviour. all other panelwindows I tested (also other thirdparty panels like the toolbar pushback from ambitiousppilots) don’t show that behaviour.

I tried to launch the game with an empty community folder only having the navigraph database and the ingamepanel inside.

I also tried to start the sim without anything in the community folder, close it again and reinstall the navigraph database and the ingame panel via the installer.

unfortunately without any luck.

I also tried different aircraft.

the only workaround I have now is to minimize the window, push the windowbar to the top of the screen, where it can not interfere with any buttons and then close the window, or having in popped out and put it on another screen (which of course is pretty much neglecting the use of the ingamepanel, because I could use the normal Charts Software for that ^^).

I hope that this helps a little for your troubleshooting.

good night :slight_smile:

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Indeed you are right, I’m headed off for a good nights sleep in just a moment thank you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think I have a rough idea about what’s going on and I might have a fix already. As I recall from this thread I was not able to reproduce this earlier, but I will try a few tricks tomorrow that might reveal some things.

Thank you again for the feedback and thanks for your detailed report!

Good night!


Issue confirmed - and fixed!

I will issue another update to the panel today that should fix this. In the meantime, would you be able to try it out as yet another confirmation? (39.4 KB)

Thank you for your cooperation!

Kind Regards,

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