Navigraph-navdata plugin causing radio frequency change

I updated my navigraph data last night, and since installing it, I’ve had issues where 1-10 minutes after take-off, my radio frequency changes and will not let me change it back. For example, I set the frequency to 114.5, take off and set it on autopilot heading hold and vs, and a few minutes later, the channel is set to 135.6… A few minutes after that, and it’s 118.649. Changing via cockpit controls or external peripherals results in the same thing: the simulator sets it back.

I cleared out my community folder until the issue went away, and then slowly added modules back until I could recreate the issue.

I experience the problem when ‘navigraph-navdata’ is in the packages/community/ folder, and I do not experience the problem when it’s not.

I don’t know why the navigraph navdata would cause this, nor do I know why I’m not seeing other reports. I completely uninstalled navigraph and reinstalled from the official downloads, including reinstalling navigraph navdata center 1.0.0, with the plugin and AIRAC 2108.

thanks for the report - really strange because we only provide the data and not the logic behind (what the sim does with the data). There is no logic, coding part in our files, only data. Also, as you have written, there is no such report, not here in our forum, nor in the flightsim-forum, so I can´t really believe that this is a general issue. Sorry, but I can´t really help you in this case. For me, it looks more any settings on your system …


Thanks for the response. Did some additional digging and you’re right, the settings on my system were doing this.

For future people who may find this thread: the “AI Radio Communications (ATC)” option had been turned on in my sim. I do not believe I turned this on, but whatever.

Having found that, I doublechecked, and I still do not have this issue unless the NAVData plugin is also installed. I suspect it’s a case where the Navigraph data is simply more complete than what’s in the sim by default.

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