Navigraph navdata in MSFS community folder brakes my ATC Radio

Using FlyByWire A32nx.
When I want to swap STBY CRS <-> ACTIVE, the ACTIVE reverts right back to what it was before.
This happens when I selected VHF1. It does not happen on VHF2.
If I remove Navigraph Navdata from the MSFS community folder, then I don’t have this issue…

sorry, but even when it looks that this has something todo with us, it has nothing todo with us. I have tried it by myself with the latest dev version of the FBW A320 and the latest cycle installed - can’t reproduce it, sorry.

We don’t touch ANY existing files in the sim nor have we any influence on any logic like you describe. We offer only files in a complete seperate folder structure and the 3rd party addons reads these files. Means we do nothing actively … sorry, but it serms any other issue on your system.

Can you reproduce this behavior in any other aircraft?


Hi Richard
Strange that you cannot reproduce it.
I am using MSFS Version with Steam.
I can also reproduce it with the MSFS default ASOBO A320neo.
Also strange is, that when I start the plane on the runway (all powered on)
then the problem does not appear.
I happens only when I start from cold+dark, batteries on and external power on.
In the community folder I see two folders.
navigraph-navdata and navigraph-navdata-base
If I remove the folder navigraph-navdata, then the problem does not happen.

Here is a very short video showing the problem.

If there is no solution, it is not too bad for me :wink:

In the FBW Plane, I can use VHF2 which works correctly.

BTW: The video is from the ASOBO A320. There the VHF light is not lit.

On which airport has you made the video and what type is the 125.855 frequency on this airport, which you want to select/activate … Tower, Ground, Approach, … what has 125.855

Thank you

I was parked at LSZH (Zurich, Switzerland), any Gate. It does not matter at which
parking I am.
The frequency ist just random and has no meaning. I just tuned to any other frequency than
the one that is active. So it happens with any frequency.

thanks - what I have mean with that I can´t reproduce it was, that I can´t reproduce it only with our data installed. The same happens on my machine when I don´t have installed our package.

Please remove our package via the Navigraph Navdata Center - start the sim and try it again - you will see, exactly the same behavior. That´s not a navdata issue, it´s more a sim issue somewhere else.

Possible some other can test this scenario:

  1. remove our data via Navigraph Navdata Center
  2. start the sim, goto LSZH to any gate
  3. start the EXTERNAL POWER
  4. goto the frequency panel and switch NAV1 freq
    Result: the main frequency will be always overwritten

… but when you try this with NAV2, all seems to be correct.

Again, this is not a navdata issue, I can reproduce the same with the stock data only. So, that comes not from us, sorry.


Yes, this seems to be one of many strange behaviours of the sim.
Thanks for your time and research.

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