Change folder for Navigraph Navdata Center downloads

I am using Addon Linker for putting my addons in a different folder than the ordinary Community folder. This works just fine for all my addons, except for saving AIRACs via the Navigraph Navdata Center. This is always placed in the Community folder and with every new AIRAC I have to manually move the two folders. This however is no simple task as the content of the Community folder is encrypted. I therefore have to zip the folders first, then move the zip-files to the new location and then unzip the contents.

Would it be possible to have an option in the Navdata Center to specify a download folder of your own choice? This would save me a lot of frustration.

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I have this same problem that just came up. I didn’t know about the zipping the folders strategy. I’m wondering if that would work for my Aerosoft CRJ-550/700 add-on plane as well. I would very much like options to install the Navigraph things where I want them instead of only in the MSFS Community folder. Thanks for bringing this up!

What are the reasons why you don’t want to save data in the community folder?

Where do you want it saved (path) and why?



As said earlier I am using Addon Linker for easy enabling/disabling addons when e.g. updating the sim. All my addons is placed in a folder of my own choice and the Addon Linker puts only shortcuts in the actual Community Folder. These shortcuts can easily be put/removed in the Community Folder by a single click from the Addon Linker.

To disable/enable our AIRAC cycle, you will ALWAYS need our Navigraph Navdata Center because we do a little bit more in the background as only copy content in a folder.

That means you can’t enable/disable the AIRAC package from any other tool then the NNC.

So in this case it makes no sense to use Addon Linker because that makes more troubles as it brings, and you see this also in a lot of troubles reported in different forums: "missing all navaids, waypoints, procedures, … " because user have only “moved” the AIRAC package manually without using the NNC.

In other words, it is highly recommended NOT to use Addon Linker for the AIRAC files to avoid such possible issues.

By the way, the AIRAC cycles are stable since 6 months or longer. There were no CTD reported which comes as a result of the AIRAC files. Not with SU5, nor SU6 nor any WU between. So, there is also no reason to move it before you make an update. And as I have written in other postings, that process is completely useless because when you have hundrets of addons installed and you reinstall it after the update, do you really check all addons against each other because most of the CTDs are combinations and not only an addon, or possible a general hardware/driver issue.

So, the only thing what you can say is, and thats important for ASOBO the sim update works (without 3rd party addons) or not. When its working ASOBO is safe …


Ok Richard, I see. And thank you for a good and thorough explanation.

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