MSFS Major Update

I have an ultimate subscription and would like to know what apps must be uninstalled and the steps required before a major MSFS update.

I have in game panel installed with the latest AIRAC via Navdata Center, Charts 8, FMS Data Manager for Little Navmap, and Simlink.


Hi Lorne,

Although not essential, if I know ahead of time of an MSFS update, I generally use Navigraph Navdata Center to remove all packages, then reinstall after the MSFS update. It only takes a few clicks and a minute or two.

I don’t uninstall any of the Navigraph apps you mentioned.


Ian, do you mean simply removing these and then reinstalling?
Navdata packages

Hi gentlemen,
in general, for our apps/data, there is no need to un- and re-install anything. No apps, nor the MSFS navdata. Since nearly 2 years, we haven´t receive any CTD-reports over the different MSFS updates. We use a test-catalogue/test-cases against the beta-version to be sure, that the data itself work and don´t result in any abnormal situation of the MSFS.

Most of such CTDs or similar else, results from any in-compatible packages in the community-folder but it´s to 99.9% not the navdata packages. But when you want to follow the ASOBO “rules”, there is only one very, very important task (at least for our data):

DON´T MOVE the community folder ONLY to any other folder

As Ian correctly mentioned:

  1. open the Navigraph-Navdata-Center
  2. press the “remove” button in the navdata line
  3. install the MSFS update
  4. close the sim
  5. open the Navigraph-Navdata-Center
  6. press the “install” button in the navdata line
  7. start the sim and enjoy - you´re now back online :slight_smile:

@lenhamlad yep, exactly - but keep the correct order as above :wink:


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Thanks Richard for the clarification.

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Can you clarify this statement…

“DON´T MOVE the community folder ONLY to any other folder”

Something is lost in translation.


sorry you´re right - was not very clear :slight_smile: … that happens, when I try to translate a german sentence 1:1 into an english sentence :slight_smile:

Several times, I have read in the MSFS forum the recommendation, to move all files/folder from the community-folder into any other “backup-folder” (outside the sim-folders) first. That´s possible ok for scenery-packages but not for the navdata-packages. The navdata-packages MUST BE removed via the Navigraph-Navdata-Center to avoid a inconsistency in the MSFS. It´s not enough to shift or to delete the navdata-packages from the community-folder.

That´s what I mean with this “strange” note, sorry for that …

When you want to be 100% sure, and you want a clean system before an update, follow the order in the list above and you´re on the safe side (at least with our navdata updates).

Hope that makes something clearer now - please don´t hesitate to ask again, if something is still unclear.

Thank you,

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