Navigraph freezes simulator latest patch update FS2020?

YMAVYMML.pln (3.2 KB)
YMENYMAV_MFS_30Nov21 (1).pln (2.7 KB)
YMENYMAV_MFS_30Nov21.pln (2.7 KB)

Hi Rob,

All three FP’s loaded without error with MSFS FBW (Dev) and WT CJ4 and Cessna Longitude.

Do you have any addon scenery?

I am wondering if content.xml might need deleting or reorganising. We shall have a new Navdata Center version released late in the next week, which does this re-organising for you. You might like to wait for that.


Thanks Ian.

I have only just re-downloaded all the msfs files from a fresh start. Added on extra scenery well before the latest update. I have a few airports. Like Sydney and a few add ons around the world.

I am wondering if I am just not understanding the process. I have been able to get a flightpath working. But it’s hit and miss. I have only had the subscription for a month so still trying to get my head around this.

I also fly the Daher TBM 930. That’s what I use most of the flight plans on.

Could you try that and see if it works with the supplied flight plans?
I’ll try the aircraft you suggested earlier if they are part of the normal msfs line up.

What do you mean by content.xml might need deleting or reorganising?
Thanks again.

Hi Rob,

I loaded your flight plans into World Map specifying Daher TBM 930 without error.

I suspect the CTD’s are because your content.xml might need deleting or reorganising. Please see FAQ - Scenery-File re-organisation / initialization.

If you are not comfortable doing this, then please wait for a new Navigraph Navdata Center version releasing soon which does this reorganising for you.


No problems thanks Ian.

Just trying to work out the mass of information required to understand this process
and what it actually means… gives me a headache. ( It’s probably a tooma ).

But I do appreciate the help and information… Thank you.


You are welcome.

Yes there is much to learn, but the satisfaction of a successful flight with correct navdata, moving map, charts to match, and beautiful scenery makes it worthwhile.


I love it and the whole experience of it :heart: