MSFS Crashes After Ready to Fly

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Navigraph Hub and I still get a complete freeze and black shaded screen after I load a saved flight and click ready to fly.

does that mean, or can you confirm, that the same flightplan will be loaded correctly and you have no freeze, when the Hub is not installed?

Can you confirm that? When yes, can you upload the flightplan file here, that we can try to reproduce it?

Thank you

Not sure what’s happening. I removed Navigraph Hub and loaded the flight plan. It indicated that the takeoff speeds were not verified. When I go to the FMC I can load Takeoff, it freezes at Initial/ref page.No key select works.

Hi again,
just to be clarify - the Navigraph Hub doesn´t communicate directly with the MSFS - this tool is “simple” a distribution tool for the data itself and has no (really no) influence of the MSFS.

You wrote you have uninstalled the Navigraph Hub and you see the same effect, that indicates you have any other issue with ie. a driver or any other addon (like a scenery or similar else). When you have un-installed the Navigraph Hub, and you also get a freeze, you see that the Hub has nothing todo with your issue. Also, we have no report about any freeze when using the Navigraph Hub, nor when you use our data at the moment. So, it´s an isolated issue on your side, sorry to say …


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