Freezing MFSM 2020 when running Navigraph

I’m trying to help a friend , after he downloaded Navigraph with the ultimate package, his MSF 2022 Sim freezes occasionally, enough to be an annoyance. Any guidance on where to start in trying to find the culprit is appreciated.



You have posted in the Charts/General category. Is the issue with Charts or Navigational Data?

If the latter, any chance you have an AMD 7900 XTX, if so please see AMD 7900 XTX.

Does the freeze occur if the Navigraph Navigational Data is removed?

Does the freeze occur at a particular airport and with a particular aircraft ?


Thank you for your reply, it happens when both the charts and navigational data are running and can happen while at the hanger or flying with any airport. We have an Nvidia RTX 3080.

Does the freeze occur if the Navigraph Navigational Data is removed?

It is very rare for the Navigational Data to cause a freeze.

What aircraft?


We just tested and we xd out of Nagigraph and the freezing stops. The aircraft is skyhawik 172 and its the only aircraft flying.

Updating the thread, turns out the freezing was ongoing without Navigraph, perhaps less noticeable but was there indeed. After watching a youtube clip on fixing MSFS jitters and making adjustments, the issue has been resolved. I do not know what exactly was done but will share the video soon.

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