Update does not start anymore for any of my addons

This happens to me first time ever: Update does not start for any of my addons. When pushing the respective update button, the tiny white circle shows up for just a second and then disappears even before starting to turn from white to blue. The outdated cycle 2113 remains active.

Any suggestions?

Which version of the Navigraph Navdata Center have you installed? The latest one v1.0.5?


Hi Richard,
It is FMS Data Manager version Or do you ask for something else?

You need the Navigraph Navdata Center for the AIRAC Updates in the MSFS. The FMS Data Manager supports only FS9, FSX, P3D or XP sims but not the MSFS.

So download the Navigraph Navdata Center from the webpage, install it, login and press on the install button in the app, in the AIRAC line.

Please close the sim before.


sorry for being imprecise. I run FS9, FSX and X-Plane., not MSFS 2020.

As mentioned, this is the first time ever since more than 5 years. So I think, the issue may be not on my side.

Aha, you have posted in the MSFS Navdata category, therefore.

I guess, you’re using an old FMS Data Manager version. Download the latest one from the webpage and make an uodate please. After that, try it again …


PS: moved now into the correct category

Good morning Richard,

as mentioned already, I have the version .0.12.1022. I don’t know, how to download a newer version of FMS Data Manager, because I don’t see a way for just signing in. The webpage provides a drop-down menue with a sign-in option, but it just don’t work. This link is dead.

Same is with the page " The FMS Data Manager app is available for download from the Account pages. The link “Account pages” is dead as well.

The only option to come any nearer to the download section seems to follow the procedures " Create your Navigraph Account" resp. “Register” and “subscribe”. But this makes no sense, because I am registrated since many years.

So please tell me the correct path for the download of FMS Data Manager - if possible - without necessity of prior registrating a second time. Then I will upload the software in case I have here an outdated version.


Hi Claus,
which link is dead?

Goto the webpage (https://www.navigraph.com) and click on the right top on “Sign In”

after that a new tab will be open, where you can enter your login-credentials:

When nothing happens, try to check/reset your application-associations or simpler, try another internet-browser …

when you´re in, your Account page-link is working …

By the way, the latest version of the FMS Data Manager is v1.8.9.0421 …


I can click on “Sign in” as often as I will. This link is dead here, nothing happens.
I use Firefox. I’ll now try another browser and will let you know the results.

Bingo, Richard!

I used the AVAST Secure browser and all is working properly now.

Thank you very much for your help.

You´re welcome Claus … when you want to go back to Firefox, I would recommend to reset your Firefox settings to default (you don´t loose your passwords or similar else, but the settings will be reseted). If you need any instruction:

Thanks again for the feedback - Happy flying & bleib Gesund …

Liebe Grüße