FMS Data Manager not recognising FS 2020

Hi all and thanks for the time in reading my post.
I have been an avid follower of Navigraph for a number of years and always found the system great and easy to use, I have however, just experienced an issue, which ha com about following a new installation of FMS Data Manager after a clean install of Windows 11 and FS 2020, it relates also in trying to install Cycle 2205. I have read and tried a number of remedies but none has been successful.
the process of installing is pretty straight forward and proceeds to the mapping point.
I click the scanning button to carry out mapping but apparently there are no addons to map. So I try manual installation however MS 2020 is not listed in the ‘Paths’.
I have disabled the Virus software and also the Firewall.
I have attempted deleting the ‘settings.conf’
PC setup.
OS - Window 11 for x64 systems KB5013943 (Build 22000.675)
FS - FS 2020 ver.
Airac cycle _ 2205.

Please let me know if you need any further in.

Hi and welcome,
you use the “wrong” tool for the MSFS updates :slight_smile:

Following “rule”:

  • the FMS Data Manager is for all FS9, FSX, P3D and XP addons.
  • the Navigraph Navdata Center is for MSFS + their addons

From our homepage:

So in other words, download the Navigraph Navdata Center, install it, login and well done, update the MSFS and all addons for the MSFS which we currently support (Aerosoft CRJ, MaddogX, PMDG and Fenix).

Hope that helps - let me know, when you need more assistance

Thanks, I very much appreciate your assistance, I do in fact already already use Navigraph Centre, not sure how I overlooked the issue, so apologies for your time.

No need to apologies you Jim … that´s part of our service and therefore absolutely no problem.
Don´t hesitate to contact us again, whenever you have a question …

Happy flying,

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