Navigraph FMS data manager and MSFS2020

Good morning, new here can someone tell me how to add MSFS2020 to the data please?

there are several places where we have descibe this

from the webpage:

here in the FAQ

… and from our blog:


Thank you, sorry I will check this out. Also after my subscription I’m getting this Demo screen?

You have a FMS subscription only, which doesn’t include the charts. For FMS data plus charts you should upgrade to Ultimate subscription.

Thats the reason for the demo mode in the charts app.

Hope that helps

So I wont have any of the airport charts?

With your current subscription no - you need an ultimate subscription.

Here from start-page on our webpage (and also, when you subscribe to one of our packages):


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Just upgraded to the ultimate

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Great, welcome in the Navigraph family. Don´t hesitate to contact us again, if you have any questions …

Happy flying,

PS: hope someone don´t misunderstand this, all “FMS Data only” customer are also welcome :wink:

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