Navigraph data for MSFS is the best, but two months ago it was doing a lot of CTD!

So Navblue is very late on navaids and stuff in MSFS 2020, so for me it is time to give Navigraph a new shot (merely because I used the charts and the sim-link wich worked perfectly) but the very early versions was causing me a lot of crahes to desktop and loading time delays. Has that been solved? Thanks for any news plus info on that.

Hi Yuyo,

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We have a new version 7.2.4 of Charts , and there has been a new MSFS update.

We have had relatively few CTD’s recently, but best for you to confirm with and without our Beta update.



Thank you Ian, so i will give the MSFS update from yours a try this same weekend. Keep it up with the great work!

Hi Ian … so the app does not allow me to sign in (version 17, three installation attempts) … It is better to wait for an alpha version as this only took me a lot of time.

We have identified a potential issue affecting sign-in on some Windows installations. What language/regional setting is your installation set to?

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Hello Stephen, thank you! Im on spanish Windows 10 Pro updated, Bogotá, Colombia. Regards.

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