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Hey Guys,

So Ive just purchased a Ultimate Subscription today, for MSFS 2020, have dowloaded all these apps from the download page, and installed them all, now I see Charts is alll thats needed. is this correct?? Al Is Navigraph Simlink app needed for MSFS 2020 users, best to check before I uninstall these apps?
Just found info here on the latest beta Navigraph app and have downloaded. Just started up MSFS 2020 and the silly thing is asking for a disk. I hope this has nothing to do with your software?? lol.
Thanks for any feedback.



Your Ultimate Subscription provides FMS Data Service and Charts (and Simlink for Moving Map).

For MSFS Navigraph Beta FMS Data please see FAQ - How to install/update the Navigraph Navdata Installer

For Charts please download and install Charts for Windows

For Moving Maps in Charts, please see FAQ - Simlink provides Charts Moving Map support for MSFS.

If still “Asking for disk”, please provide a screenshot using Guide to posting Screenshots.

Please let us know how you get on


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Thanks for the fast reply. The insert disc is on loading MSFS 2020, so a screenshot will be of little use. The only option I have is to quit the app. Im thinking you have not heard this one before, so Im guessing its not a Navigraph problem, I shall dig deeper as I have never seen this message before. Cheers

You are welcome.

Maybe see Search results for 'asking for disk' - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums