"Navigraph Navdata cannot Sign In" still a problem here after Beta 19

This is all I get. I click SIGN IN and it blips and nothing else. Just sits there saying SIGN IN. Most frustrating.

You were a bit quick closing the last thread about this so soon.

Not even convinced this is installing completely as the progress bar in the installed only ever gets this far and then disappears - no Finished confirmation for the install.


But it does show up in the list of installed apps.

Any ideas how I can get this software I’m paying for to work again please?

Oh brilliant. And now simlink wont sign in either. :frowning:


OK after a second attempt at installing, and a second system reboot, everything has now signed in and is working OK.

Obviously this is a beta, so it’s expected that there is work to do, possibly starting with the installer routines, which currently seem a bit flakey.


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