Navigraph and msfs frustration

I am a recent subscriber and am getting frustrated but not sure if my problem is with msfs, navigraph or me. I have watched several utube navigraph tutorials and have completed some flightplans. The problem I encounter is when I open a saved navigraph flightplan msfs then open navigraph, the navigraph window shows that my sidd or star has disappeared (dotted lines) or a warning that no Runway has been allocated to plan. This happens more often than not. The plan seems to load fine onto msfs world map though by default msfs places me on a Runway and I have to choose a parking bay. I am flying the cessna cj4 in preparation for the bigger jets. I have to add, if I just plan in msfs and load into navigraph it is more successful. I am confused, I just want it all to work.



In order for us to assist, can you be more specific. Are you talking flight plans generated in Simbrief or Navigraph Charts. Are you loading it into the Navigraph Charts In-Game panel, or into Charts Desktop or Charts Cloud.

Please upload a flightplan causing the issue.

Please post screenshots showing where SID/STAR’s were, then a re missing using Guide to posting Screenshots

Note, when you load a flight plan into MSFS then change your gate, MSFS recalculates your flight plan. See Flightplan getting mangled going into MSFS - #3 by Ian


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Not sure if this helps, but I hope it will! Once you load a plan in to MSFS, it defaults to the runway - but you want to go from a gate, so then you click on gate, select “Set as Departure” and then MSFS blows your lovely flight plan away.

Instead, pick your gate visually and then use the Drop-down list at the top to select the named gate/ramp that you want - this will not recalculate your route.

Alternatively, what I do is that I go to MSFS and select the gate as the departure and program the FMS manually in the CJ4, but then I like doing that stuff lol :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice,i will try this as soon as I can. Since the latest update grey routes have appeared as well as my chosen blue route on map. Any idea what is going on?


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