Flight plan looks different when imported?

Ok, so I create an IFR flight plan within Navigraph, export it into MSFS and then load it via the world map screen. When I look at the flight plan using MSFS chart button it looks nothing like the plan I saved from Navigraph?


Maybe the folowing…

When you load a flight plan into MSFS then change your gate, MSFS recalculates your flight plan. See Flightplan getting mangled going into MSFS - #3 by Ian


Hi Ian, many thanks.
I loaded an ILS flight plan from KJFK to KRME runway to runway, the info displayed on the world map had me on the correct departure runway.
I did not start at the gate so I’m not sure what’s going wrong, its probably something I am doing incorrectly but I simply don’t know what?

If you upload the flight plan in machine readable form usingimage I can try it on my system.


Thanks, its gone midnight here in England so will endeavour to do as you suggest tomorrow.
Many thanks for your time, appreciated.

Hi Ian, as you can see, the generated flight plan from Navigraph looks nothing like what MSFS gives me when I import it. Its a simple ILS plan from JFK to KRME landing on R33, there is no gate selected at all.
I’m not sure what you meant by uploading the plan in machine readable form however so I have simply added the screenshots.


Machine readable means “so I can load your exact flight plan without errors and without having to type it in from scratch”.

You can copy from the Charts flight plan text line accessible by clicking on image at right end of flight plan pills, then paste in your post.



Hi Ian, like this I hope?
KJFK/22R DEEZZ5 HEERO DCT PONCT DCT 430031N0745645W DCT 430439N0751113W DCT KRME/I33

Thank you,

I load your flight in Charts :

I export to MSFS in pln format . This pln has extra waypoints KURNL, CANDR and TOWIN between HEERO and PONCT.

Hmmm… Looks wrong, we shall investigate.


Thank you Ian. Ive had this issue many many times and have always blamed myself for doing something wrong within Navigraph.


This should be fixed in the latest update. Please try this again now.



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The original issue, reported by @magicands and confirmed by @Ian, is no longer reproducible with the latest versions of Navigraph Charts and Microsoft Flight Simulator.



@magicands, if you see any more similar issues you are more than welcome to create a new topic!

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