Navigragh Hub

“No Simulators detacted”
I have FSX Steam and IVAO - Pilot Client Altitude 1.10.5b installed.
I have 8800 plus flights and 21,000 plus hours with AirSource
I have 160 plus hours w/PPL
I have 11,000 plus hours w/VATSIM
I have 5,000 plus hours w/IVAO
Yet, I am a newbie with Navigraph!
Please Help, Sir!
Don Smith

Hi Don,
as from our homepage, the Navigraph Hub is only for MSFS and the FMS Data Manager is for all other simulator versions/addons.

So, when you use FSX as simulator, you don’t need the Navigraph Hub, you must download/install the FMS Data Manager.

Hope that helps

Thank You, Richard!
I do have the FMS Data Manager downloaded, and I Thank You for your Developing Skills, Sir!
I really do appreciate the FMS.
Take Care

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Great Don - no probs. Let us know, if you have any further question(s).

Take care and happy flying

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