No Simulators Detected Jun 2023


I recently migrated Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 (Steam) from my C drive over to a new drive (S) I bought and installed recently. Previously, I encountered a flawless experience with Navigraph, however this issue continues to persist since I moved everything over is proving quite frustrating and perplexing. I have followed steps from numerous prior threads created regarding this issue and can’t get it to resolve. Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.

To answer the question before it is asked, I do not have the folder listed in this thread and I am not sure how to correct this. I am wondering if this is the source of all of my issues. Thanks.



Edit 06/26/23

It appears that the installer did not like where I had my flight sim installed so after reinstalling, everything works as intended. This thread can be disregarded.


Thank you for the update.

Glad it is resolved.

Happy flying.


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