Navigraph and MSFS worth it?

Good Evening,
I am considering installing the navigraph addon for MSFS 2020 and I wonder if it is worth it? I know that lately Navblue is integrated into the sim, but I don’t know if those are fully compatible with flight planning software based on Navigraph charts.

Hello Aravil.

Welcome to Navigraph and thanks for your interest in our FS2020 navdata update service.

In short, it is better to have navdata and charts from the same source, as this minimizes the number of potential differences between navdata and charts.

If these differences are significant enough to matter to you, only you can answer. Moreover, if the solution to any discrepancies you are seeing is worth the subscription fee is also an individual question.

Ideally other users should share their experiences, and you can see if their usage resembles yours.

Lastly, a little detail - the FS2020 navdata update service is offered for free to existing subscribers as a part of a public beta testing program. Technically, you are not paying for this service. As such, it is certainly “worth it”. You are paying for access to the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of charts and navdata. If you would like your simulator to align with this data, then you should consider installing our navdata in FS2020.

I hope these words helped your decision process along a little bit but, as I said, ideally we should let our users speak here. Alternatively, you may want to browse this thread from the FS2020 forum: Navigraph Beta testing NavData - Default Airports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Again, welcome onboard!


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