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Hello. I’m an old man who recently restarted flying but after 6 years or so, many things have changed including my brain function. I used Navigraph before as well as other add-ons for FS 2004 and FSX. So naturally I came back to Navigraph for my return to the FS world. I have FS 2004, FSX Gold and FSX SE. Charts 8 functions but does not communicate with Simlink and Navhub doesn’t recognize FSX running. So basically I can make a flight plan but not use it. I am disappointed. I installed everything as I perceived as correct, but obviously I didn’t. Is there something that rings a bell when it seems nothing recognizes the other? I’m having difficulty finding a common denominator. Please help me if you can. I am running Windows 10 64bit, Intel i5, 8 ram gtx 960 etc

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We shall help you get going.

First, Navigraph Hub is only used for MSFS and MSFS addons. To upgrade your Navigation Data in FS2004 and FSX you use the FMS Data Manager . You click on the blue link to access it.

Make sure you have downloaded, installed and run the latest Simlink. When installing, you should get a message that Simlink is installing into FSX. If not please go to the up arrow icon in tray next to clock bottom right of screen and find the green small Simlink icon:


Post a screenshot of your Navigraph Simlink Status using Guide to posting Screenshots

It should look something like:

Now navigate to Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings
Again please post a screenshot of this.
It should like something like:



I just downloaded Simlink a few days ago. It should be current.

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