Navgraph navdata center install error

Navigraph Charts In Game Panel v0.2 I keep getting Extraction Error…new to this.Paid the year.Just getting started…Thank you

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Try disabling Antivirus, or other application which might be blocking the extraction of the package on your machine.


Ah,brain fart,you are right will try,thank you and stay safe

Turned off malwarebytes and windows fire wall and still getting install error.FS2020 installed on d: games with nav charts amd Navigraph FMS.Thank you for the Help.

Try Windows uninstall Navigraph Navdata Center. Download and install latest Navigraph Navdata Center to default install location. Disable any other program which might be restricting extraction (Window Defender etc)


Disable everything.defender,firewall,malwarebytes,reinstalled charts default c: and still get extraction error>>>>thats ok wont use it I guess…

Exactly where do you have your Community folder? If admin rights are needed to populate it you would get this error.

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Thank you so very much.its fixed…I am 56 and havent built a gaming computer in 9 years.built 4 when my kids where growing up…just got lost big time and gave permission,dont know how I did it but thank you Ian fior the help,was getting frustrated>>>>>>>>>>>>>stay kool and be safe.

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