I have just installed version and during installation it removed my installation of Navigraph Charts for windows and also removed my installation of the FMS Data Manager. Not sure why it would have done that.

I have managed to reinstall the FMS Data Manger as I need that for app’s outside of MSFS2020, but I am unable to install Navigraph Charts for Windows, the installation just fails. It hangs on the Green Bar and at the top it just reports " Setup was not completed successfully". Please note I have not yet installed the Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel.

Are these two unable to run side by side ?

That sounds very odd. The apps should not affect each other’s installation like that, unless you are manually overwriting the same installation folder. But if you go with default paths in the installer they should be installable side by side.

To get Charts installed again, please follow the instruction here: FAQ - Charts desktop installer fails immediately (Important: follow every step, especially step 2!)

Then install Charts again, the latest one from Navigraph



Hi Steven

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately I have already tried step 1 in the guide above. I now have the issue that I can see Charts Desktop in the Add/Remove programs, but clicking uninstall does nothing as it throws up an error saying that it cannot find the uninstall.exe

Did you also do step 2 and 3?


LoL, guess it always pay to read the whole thing :wink:

Thanks for your help sorted now, I think. I have Folder structure as below, I think this should be ok now.

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Glad it worked out! Yes that looks fine.