Error message trying to download Navigraph in game panel from Navdata Center


I’ve tried many solutions with a computer expert but each time unsuccesfull. Could you help me? Many Thanks…

It looks like the E:\Program Files\Community is not a location where you have permissions to write.

Is E:\Program Files your Windows Program Files folder, i.e. the default install location for apps? If so we strongly recommend you to move your Community folder our of there since it is a write protected folder by Windows.



Thank you for your quick response. Actually MSFS is installed in E:\Program Files but the default location for Windows apps is C:\Program files. Navigraph Navdata centre is installed on C:\

Thank you

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That’s very likely the issue. The Community folder should not be sitting in the folder where your simulator executables are.

I can’t really give specific advice since you seem to have made a non-standard setup with your folders. I can only recommend you to make sure your Community folder is not in a write-protected folder, because Navdata Center wants to install the In-Game panel into the Community folder and it cannot due to permissions.



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