Navdata missing for Australia

There are several airports that don’t have the correct navdata eg, YBSU, YSTW. The correct Jeppessen data on X-plane is missing



When you try to load YBSU into the default X-Plane 11 B737-800 you get the following error message

This indicates a problem with that airport in X-Plane and should be reported to the X-Plane Scenery gateway as suggested.

YSTW doesn’t have SID’s, and the STAR’s appear as DME Sectors so not displayable on FMC.

APPR’s are shown as


The approaches for Tamworth are there but missing information. For example the 30ILS is missing BRADD and other waypoints on the approach.

here are the data which we offer for XP11.

The yellow markers are the transition (IAF) waypoints (D085L, D155L, TW and BRADD). This IAFs are exactly what we offer. When you now compare it with the charts, I don´t see any missing waypoint in our file:

D085L → D112L → VEBMI → RW30R
D155L → D131L → VEBMI → RW30R

BRADD is a part of the final approach and not an own transition but that´s not an issue, it´s simple how the different source provider codes such procedures.

Anyway, from the data view which we provide, I can´t see any missing waypoint - possible it´s an Zibo issue but for this you should ask the Zibo devs. The data (which I show you here) will be used by Zibo.


Thanks Richard
I was practicing engine failures in the citation mustang and entered the hold over Tamworth. TW.
Then selecting the ILS 30. Via TW outbound track 101 degrees and intercepting ILS via the 10dme arc as per the chart. It’s unavailable on the procedure menu as per the chart. The same approach is available on the Garmin training software but not on Xplane with Navi graph data?

Hm, thanks Eric … but as you see, we offer this outbound turn 101° then a right turn 271° to intercept the ITW localizer. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I thought you´re using the Zibo addon. Which Citation Mustang do you use (sorry again for the stupid question but with 120 different addon formats, I´m sometimes lost :slight_smile: )

Thank you,

RWdesign citation mustang

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