Missing Waypoints from STAR YBBN

G’day Richard,
I have recently noticed that I have had to manually enter the STAR as well.

I have referenced the SMOKA 9A arrival to YBBN (Brisbane, Australia) that I flew yesterday.
I’m using XP with Zibo Mod 737.
I’m using Brisbane Int 2020 by CDG v15 for scenery.
All scenery coordination by xOrganiser.
I selected the SMOKA 9A arrival BETSO transition.

The FMS routed me DCT from GARTH (the routing point for the reciprocal runways) to CF19L (the ILS fix 19L).
I had to manually enter all the waypoints in between including speeds and altitudes even though I had selected the BETSO transition.

It seemed Navigraph was unable to find the STAR but could find the waypoints.
Once back onto the APP all was fine.

Any assistance on how I can get Navigraph building my STARs again would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Chris,

In Zibo 738 v 3.49.15, YBBN 19L SMOKA 9A BETSO Transition, I see the following in the FMC:

Do you not have these?


Thanks Ian,
No I didn’t. I suspect it may be ‘operator error’ but previously arriving from the north I did see all those waypoints and the Zibo flew them accordingly.
I can’t for the life of me work out what I/Simbrief/Navigraph have changed.

While the example I have supplied is YBBN I have noticed it with YPPH (Perth, Australia), YSSY (Sydney, Australia) as well.

I have just reloaded the flight and am happy to report my FMC produces the same as your screenshots but as I said, on at least three occasions I have been unable to have the (full) STAR loaded for my arrival.

I will monitor and report back.

Thank you for your time.

Happy to supply any logs as required.


Hi Chris,

You are welcome. Glad it is working at the moment. If it should occur again, post again, maybe include some screenshots showing where waypoints are missing. Also check you have latest Zibo version.


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