Missing NAV Data

Hi guys,
I noticed that there are 2 airports i like to fly that are missing the approach FMS data. SBJR and SDAG.
I can see those charts using Navigraph charts, but i can’t fly them.
These 2 airports have recently added RNAV approaches, maybe thats is the cause, can you take a look?
By the way, i’m flying FS2020 and the x-plane 11.

Thank You,

Hi Felipe,
the approaches of these two airports can´t be coded according the standard ARINC424 rules. Both are RNAV approaches without any runway-ident and that´s simple not possible to code. Such approaches are not the same as CTL approaches (also with runway-idents).

You see these also on our charts (CTL section empty and no runway-identifier available).
But you can enter the waypoints manually according our charts, that should work as expected.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for your explanation. Inserting mannually the waypoints is something i didn’t tought about, will try this!

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