Navdata Center and Black Hole Event Horizon

I have successfully installed a clean version of Navdata center and it duly appears as a panel in MS FS2020 as it should. I can use it to create a flight plan with seemingly no problem. However, when I ask for the flight plan to be exported two things happen, one maybe not so serious but the other lethal and baffling.

The first is a repeated request to stipulate the cruise altitude which happens repeatedly even if I’ve set it in the plan, and whenever I use the edit function. It seems to like FL380 no matter what.
The second is that exportr to MS FS 2020, my specified choice, crosses the event horizon and disappears into a black hole leaving no trace (not even enough radiation for searching .FLT or .pln to locate it). Likewise, if I try a save to P3D the same disappearing act happens.

Now, MS FS2020 knows where to save plans created within it and stores both .FLT and .pln versions. So, Navdata center doesn’t seem to have made a link from within MS FS to the save location. Moreover, I have no idea where, if anywhere, to look for and expect to find a Navdata flight plan other than where MS FS would save it.

Does anyone have any idea what may be going on here? I have installed and moved FS2020 using Microsoft’s move instructions without any problem (and way before installing Navdata center) but I’m wondering if Navdatacenter doesn’t have access to the wormhole that links to the moved location and if so, what can be done about it?


The in-game panel does not have access to the file system, so we’ll need to remove the export (and also the flight import) options. It is a simple as that, unfortunately.

If you want to plan your flight with Navigraph Charts for MSFS then use our Desktop or Cloud apps, from there export flight plan to MSFS.

Load that flight plan in MSFS. When you open the in-game panel, that flight will be available in your list of flights.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for the information, it clears things up completely.



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