Flight Plan Transfer to FS2020

I created my first flight plan, but it does not show up in fs2020. I did see it in my downloads file. I thought that the plan would automatically go into the saved plans in fs2020? Do I have to physically move the plan? Thanks



When you first export your .pln from Charts , navigate to and choose your MSFS LocalState directory where there should be other .pln plans.

Depending on how you obtained MSFS, this will likely be something like

Sim from Marketplace:

Sim from Steam:
%appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator

This directory should now be remembered for subsequent Charts exports.


Ian, I am having problems. I do not see any menu to save my flight. When I click on flights, I get 3 options: EDIT EXPORT UNLOAD. i looked on other icons on the top right that includes setting. Cannot find anywhere to save my flight. Sorry for being a dunce on this. Regards.

Hi Westley,

The current loaded plan is already saved automatically. I have modified my previous post to refer to where you export your pln.

Hope this is clear.


My plans are now present in saved plans in msf. Thanks.

Hi Westley,

You are welcome. Glad is is resolved.

Happy flying.


Hi, I use Simbrief to create my flight plan and then import it into Navigraph & also direct into MSFS via the Simbrief Downloader. However, I notice that when flying the route, the plan in MSFS is completely different to that in Navigraph (and now for that matter Pilot2atc which I’m just trialling. Do you have any ideas why this may be and what I need to do? (PS some of the key Waypoints are correct but many are completely different). Thanks, Barry

Hi Barry,

I suspect this is because MSFS re-calculates the route if any changes are made to the plan.

See also Different flightpath issue between charts and loaded flightplan - #4 by NAVData and Problems with flightplans


Hi Ian, thanks for the prompt reply. I read the link that you gave me and “sorta” understand it. But, I’m a little perplexed given that I’m not making any changes to the flight plan except for making a Ramp/Gate location as the starting point when I commence in MSFS. I’m trying to learn the intracies of Pilot2atc as well, so that doesn’t make things any easier. Regards, Barry